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Special Education Law

IEP's, Complaints, and Due Process Hearings

Our firm also concentrates its practice in the area of special education and school law.  We have attended IEP meetings, advocated on behalf of disabled students in the public school setting, filed complaints with the Illinois State Board of Education, and participated in mediation, resolution sessions, and due process hearings on behalf of our clients.  If you have a disabled student that you feel is not getting the services he or she needs, or not being placed in the Least Restrictive Environment possible as required under IDEA, please contact our office and we would be happy to discuss your particular situation in more detail with you. 
For anyone who is involved in a special education dispute, here are some useful documents for yoour review:
Early Intervention Fact Sheet
IDEA Services By Age Fact Sheet
IEP Eligibility Review Timeline
Remedies Available Under IDEA Fact Sheet 
Assistive Technology Fact Sheet
Communication Records and Records Access Fact Sheet
Conflict Resolution Fact Sheet
Discipline and MDR Timeline Fact Sheet
Discipline Facts in IDEA 2004
Suspension and Alternative Placements Fact Sheet

Transportation Fact Sheet
Due Process Hearing Timeline - Parents
Due Process Hearing Timeline - School District
Resolution Timeline - Parents
Resolution Timeline - School District

If you have a special needs child, you likely have several unique legal needs apart from the general community.  You also know the importance of obtaining information and searching out answers that work for your family.  Every child is different, so the needs of every client will be different.  Our firm has unique expertise in this regard, as our attorneys are parents of special needs children themselves.  Therefore, we are experienced in this area of law, and best able to understand your special needs.  On behalf of our client, our firm handles Guardianships, Special Needs Trusts and Estate Planning, and Complaints and Conflict Resolutions with local school districts under IDEA.  We also have contracts with other firms for referral of Social Security Disability appeals cases.

Our firm has presented seminars at several different school and community functions throughout the area.  We primarily handle cases in the Champaign, Ford, Douglas, and Vermilion County areas, but will travel beyond these areas on occasion.


If you live in Champaign County, please feel free to view our FREE PowerPoint presentation which was presented by our office at a recent Autism seminar in conjunction with Champaign Unit 4 School District: